to the one I wrote millions of unsent letters to,

i don’t know you enough,

nor do you know me at all.

but there is one think i

know For sure, like the bAck

of My tire hand, tired of

writing unsent letter to you.

i know my feelings but it simply

confuses me how well i know

them but i don’t know well

enough the person they are for.


hey guys! it has been a while i guess. to make it up to you, i’m starting a new series here on my blog- unsent letters. all of the unsent letters were written in a certain way and please don’t think that i’m the queen of typos or that i have bad grammar because of the capitalizations (kinda pointing this out 50% for you not to think that my sentence skills are poor and 50% for thrills *wink*) enjoy! probably going to upload every sunday afternoons (ph standard time) and july when school is over.


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