mental health.

Minds are like galaxies that exist within every person;

complex, beautiful, seemingly infinite

but every single mind is in different condition,

conditions which are real and not immanent



I’m not just nervous

I’m not seeking attention either

my condition is actually serious

pardon me if I start to talk faster



I’m not just a phase

nor I am just sad

I’m sorry if I seem blasé

and that my hopes are terribly tad



It’s not an adjective but a disorder

it destroys the lives of people who have it

I’m sorry if I “don’t focus on things that matter”

but I beg for your understanding, even just a bit



Did you hear that? Oh must be the voices

don’t make fun of me for my disorder

because anyway, I have no choice

I just hope that my condition will eventually get better



I’m not “just having mood swings”

I’m actually diagnosed clinically

I don’t really “just change skins”

and I don’t let my mental disorder define me



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