the poet’s last poem

As I shut the door of my room
I take off my pretentious little mask,
hiding the fact that every day of my life seemed like doom,
asking life ‘is genuine happiness too much to ask?’
I played life’s little game,
apparently not doing well,
I’m obviously the one to blame
but when you ask me, I’ll reply ‘I’m feeling swell’
I feel proud of myself for surviving each day
and condemning myself at the same time
reprimanding myself how my life’s not okay
yet pretending that my life is so sublime
Waterfalls down floor,
as I was holding my one way ticket
to rest that’ll last forevermore
whispering ‘that’s it I reached my limit’


mental health.

Minds are like galaxies that exist within every person;

complex, beautiful, seemingly infinite

but every single mind is in different condition,

conditions which are real and not immanent



I’m not just nervous

I’m not seeking attention either

my condition is actually serious

pardon me if I start to talk faster



I’m not just a phase

nor I am just sad

I’m sorry if I seem blasé

and that my hopes are terribly tad



It’s not an adjective but a disorder

it destroys the lives of people who have it

I’m sorry if I “don’t focus on things that matter”

but I beg for your understanding, even just a bit



Did you hear that? Oh must be the voices

don’t make fun of me for my disorder

because anyway, I have no choice

I just hope that my condition will eventually get better



I’m not “just having mood swings”

I’m actually diagnosed clinically

I don’t really “just change skins”

and I don’t let my mental disorder define me


gender equality.

Society has roles for men and women,
confining everyone’s capabilities,
having inequalities stop us again and again,
and promoting social injustice.

It’s like illegal to make a woman a boss,
and to make a man just the secretary
 it is the society’s albatross
so someone must stop this patriarchy

“Women should only be quiet,
and men should act dominant and strong”
there are just too much roles in every facet
but all these roles and stereotypes are just wrong

There is no passion only made for one gender
so break the stereotypes and be who you want to be
whether you are a boy or a girl or someone in between,
it doesn’t matter because honestly we’re all tired of gender inequality.

guys let’s just stop gender roles honestly, we’re going nowhere with these gender roles


The light at the end of a long dark tunnel,

an enlightenment after a muddle,

a rainbow after a hurricane

there is a reason to rise again

because falling doesn’t mean the end,

there is time to revise stories that we penned


Failure isn’t rock bottom but quitting is

just keep in mind that bliss is after all these.

even if faith makes it possible

and love makes it bearable,

it is still hope that will make it happen,

just not all of a sudden.

stand up, work and wait

with hope, success is in your fate



Faith is like the stars in the dark night sky,

my comfort for every night I cried

faith is what keeps me going and strong

and what saves me from the things I do wrong.


Without my faith in him

I am just like a hymn

that’s monotonous and out of tune

or like a house hit by a typhoon.


In my faith and belief

I can find some relief,

Tranquility, inner peace

And live in love and bliss


For it was he who loved me

like no one ever did,

he who set me free

from all the times I sinned.

this is for my school requirement though I am really proud because I honestly have a hard time writing about faith.


My voice slowly cracking

as I was slowly saying

these words of farewell

and the skies were all painted in pastel.

The sun went down

and so did your mood

you looked up with the frown

and so did the moon.

A tear fell from your eye

as you were down your knees

I said my last good bye

as you faded in the breeze.


My heart shattered, broken like fragile glass

I picked it up and it pierced me, reminding me of the past

I realized that I was such a young star

To love this way and end up with a scar

Do instead, I loved the first ones I’m supposed to love,

Myself, my family and friends and the great Lord above.

rendition of ‘stellar’

the shackles of life

life is almost like a big prison, and it’s wrong for me to think that way when I’m still young. these shackles may be insecurities, limitations, fear, weaknesses or confusion. but I tend to see these shackles as anchors because without insecurities, limitations, fear, weaknesses or confusion, what is even left to conquer? these give us purpose and our training ground for us to build ourselves up. because in a utopia, life becomes pointless and monotonous, something even worse than melancholy. it is normal to have problems, don’t let them stop you from building up who you are.

hold on but at the same time, let go. cheer up, buttercup, big things are ahead of you.

a little something to motivate you guys. i used to face these problems like a coward by attempting to quit. whatever it is that you are facing, i know that you can conquer it and i’m rooting for you. ☁