11.25.16; a milestone

Life update Getting to win a contest by expressing myself about what I avidly fight for in this society is probably one of the best things to happen to me this year. It showed that poetry is not just to sound beautiful or aesthetically pleasing but it can be a perfect way to win a […]


My voice slowly cracking

as I was slowly saying

these words of farewell

and the skies were all painted in pastel.

The sun went down

and so did your mood

you looked up with the frown

and so did the moon.

A tear fell from your eye

as you were down your knees

I said my last good bye

as you faded in the breeze.

I chased a star instead

and placed it in my hands

then I went to bed

and thought I had a chance

I woke up in the morning

and then I realized

that I was left with nothing;

the star didn’t sympathize.

The star was too high;

too high for me to long for

so I also said goodbye

and wished back the way it was before.